Monday, April 25, 2016

It's Arrived! Welcome 'lil buddy!

We ordered our Jayco on February 22nd but found out the order didn't go in to Jayco until February 29th.  We had originally been told 4-8 weeks, possibly 10, for delivery.  I read on that some wait as long as 12 weeks, so to find out that we had lost a week while the dealer gave us several days to "change our mind" (after telling him we were dead serious and to please place the order more than once) was distressing to say the least.

So, we waited.

April 18th was my 32nd birthday.  I woke up that day thinking, what would be a better birthday present than to find out the trailer had come in.  Lauren was at work that day and I was home taking care of some minor odds and ends type errands after spending the last 4 days on the road at work.  After doing some yard work, I took a shower around 2:30PM.  After getting out of the shower, I noticed my phone was blinking the little green light that tells me I have a waiting text or voice mail.  Thinking Lauren had texted from work, I picked up my phone expecting a message about that nights dinner.

Instead it was a voicemail.  A voicemail from our Jayco Dealer!!  I didn't get my hopes up, being my first thought was that he was going to tell me he just found out that ours would be part of the 2017 lineup, to which I had just read on JaycoOwners.Com were starting to come out even for those who ordered a 2016 (expect a blog post about that in the near future!)  Some of the changes for the 2017 are not for the better, in our opinion anyway, so I held my breath as the voicemail started.

IT WAS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!  Our Jayco had arrived on the lot!  It's real!  Not a figment on our imagination... we really own a trailer!  Built just for us!  And guess what?  It's BEAUTIFUL!

Long story short, we make the appointment to make our payment (we paid cash in full) and give her a once over.  Once the Bank Check clears and the office staff at the dealer take care of the DMV stuff, we will be getting a call back for our Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) and the weight and balance on our new stabilizer hitch and brake controller install.  Thankfully, the Titan comes pre-wired so there isn't much to install.

Our salesman knew just how excited we were and was kind enough to open up our little Jayco for us and let us play in it alone for a few minutes.  It's tucked safely away in a back corner of the lot (away from the foot traffic of people looking at other trailers) and we had about a half hour alone with her before heading in.  We were told it will be cleaned and prepped with propane and a new battery before we come back next time.

We were overwhelmed with joy, excitement, pride, and wonder but tried our best to get a head start on our PDI and look for items that were broken or damaged.  We only noticed two things:  a scratch on the wood inlay panel on the refrigerator door and some bubbles on the "back splash" decal.  Relatively minor, but we were busy playing and may have missed some stuff.  We'll do our best to have our eagle eye's out next time for anything else, but I'm hopeful we got a good one!

Here's some photos of our beautiful little Jayco!  

 Here she is tucked away from the dirty feet of others.  Back away, she's ours!  :)
 How do you not just smile looking at her?
 Our bedroom.  We were very happy to get this decorative pattern on the valances and bedspread.  From what we could tell, even with the Elite package, there is no rhyme or reason to how they decide those.  The others are a gaudy creme or a bland brown.
 They already installed the TV set above the dinette.
 The dinette in the down position for transport.  

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