Monday, June 13, 2016

Changing the Locks!

Did you know that anyone with a fairly new RV most likely has the same keys that you do?  To save money most RV manufacturers now use the same key type for all storage and baggage doors.  Take a look at your key ring and check to see if you have a small silver key that has "CH 751" engraved on the one used to open your storage doors.  If you do, pretty much anyone in your RV Resort or Campground can walk right up and open your storage compartments.

Don't stress too much, though, as most likely you have a different key that opens the doors to your living space and it would take very high odds that someone close by has that same key that would allow them to walk right in during the middle of the night (or while away from your RV!)

You probably also already noticed that the cheap CH-751 keys are very difficult to use and are finicky to the touch.  I can tell you, though, that after swapping my locks out they operate much more smoothly and are very easy to operate.

After reviewing the very helpful Jayco Owners web forum (spend a second on Google, I'm sure they have a message board for your brand of RV,) I went with the company

They have a great website with all sorts of keys, locks, parts and more.  The leading factor that made my mind up was that they carried the same key that I use on our entry door.  This way, I could make my own "Keyed Alike" system (now standard on 2017 Jayco JayFlights) and use the same key for my RV entry door and 3 baggage doors (and the outdoor shower door).

By the way, we ARE NOT  affiliated or getting paid by RVLOCKSANDMORE.  We just purchased from them, they had fast shipping, good products, and we highly recommend their site.

Before you buy, just measure according to the directions on their website to find the appropriate size.  After a few short days, this is what arrived in the mail:

I also went to the other most highly recomended site, CH751.COM and purchased some dust covers for the 4 locks I'll be working on.  I think they look sharp and keep the keys clean.  There's 5 here because they had a deal on shipping if I purchased 5.  I'll find a use for the 5th somewhere.

TOOLS REQUIRED FOR THIS TRAILER UPGRADE:  All you need is a Phillips head screwdriver and an adjustable wrench.  

Below you can see the original CH 751 key and lock on our outdoor shower.  It probably looks the same on your trailer or RV.

Step One:  Open the door and remove the Phillips head screw that holds the locking tab to the tumbler assembly.  SAVE THE LOCK TAB!  You'll need it later, unless you purchased new ones with your order but the old ones work just fine.

Step Two:  Once the locking tab is removed, use your adjustable wrench and loosen the hex washer that holds the tumbler assembly in place.  One removed, the whole assembly slides out.  My next step (ignore if you didn't purchase the dust cover) was to fit the dust cover to the hole in the shower door.  Slide the new lock tumbler assembly through the dust cover and through the door.

Step Three:  Place the hex washer on the inside of the door and tighten in place.  Then reattach the locking tab as it had been before.

Step Four:  You're done!

 Easy enough, isn't it?  It took me about 25 minutes to complete all four on our Jayco.  Not bad for a little extra protection.  Plus, we like the sleek new look of the dust covers on our doors.  Another very easy and highly recommended trailer upgrade you can do yourself.  Save some money and aggravation of lost or stolen goods!  

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