Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New Kitchen Backsplash

One of the very first things we noticed when we arrived at the dealer after our Jay Flight trailer was delivered was that the kitchen "backsplash" was put on hastily and incorrectly.  It was bubbled and slightly crooked.  We knew it was going to be just a cheap stick on decal, but, little did we know it would look so awful in person.  

It's the first thing you notice when you enter the trailer.  It's right at eye level as you enter and the bubbles and ripples are easily noticeable.  Easily, this was the thing that upset us the most with Jayco's workmanship.

Granted, if this was the biggest item on our 'squawk list' then we were in pretty good shape!  

Since it was so minor, we had opted not to mention it on our PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) and I'm sure the technician doing the walk through with us was happy we didn't.  It probably would have just taken a heat gun and a flat edge and smooth out the backsplash, but we already had other plans.

Lauren had been watching one of those "DIY" shows on HGTV and saw someone replace their ugly kitchen backsplash with plastic tiles made to look like tin metal.  It was gorgeous, but best of all, it was easy!  

Off to Home Depot I went!  

There I found a small selection of choices for designs of 18" x 24" PVC "Decorative Backsplash."  

Tools Required:  A tube of "Liquid Nails" or any other construction grade adhesive, a caulk gun, and a pair of scissors!  That's it!  Ok, well, maybe a pencil, straight edge, and a measuring tape, but you probably already have those laying around.

Step One:  (Read the Instructions!)  Start on the left side and work right.  These panels have interlocking tabs, so make sure that not only the design lines up, but, the interlocking tabs line up as well.  

Step Two:  Measure and cut around any obstructions (we had the window and an electrical outlet.)  I made a template using a piece of old cardboard and then cut out the PVC tiles to fit.

Step Three:  Liberally apply construction adhesive to the back of the tile as directed by the brand of tile you purchase.  Press onto wall, hold a few seconds... and voila!

All done!

All in all, this is a very easy project that we feel definitely upgraded the look of our trailer.

Total cost was about $100.

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