Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Our Big Western Trip By The Numbers

Phew... I'm finally going to get this posted!  

It's been a month to the day since we returned home from our first BIG trip in our travel trailer.  We took a two week tour of the Mid West to end our summer of 2016.  We spent our time relaxing and exploring in South Dakota's Badlands and Black Hills with a quick stop at Wyoming's Devil's Tower National Monument.

Our Trip By The Numbers:

  • 10 States
  • 4,418 Miles Driven (Towing and Not Towing)
  • 389 Gallons of Gas
  • 29 Stops for Gas
  • $2.57 Average Cost of Gas
  • $2.99 Most Expensive Gas (Gulf, Airmont, New York)
  • $2.15 Least Expensive Gas (Pilot, Gary, Indiana)
  • 193.1 Miles of Longest Leg (1st leg of trip - Home to Bloomsburg, PA)
  • 164 Average Miles Per Leg
  • 11.3 Average MPG (Includes Non-Towing)
  • 14.3 Average Gallons per Fuel Stop
  • 4 KOA's
  • 4 Nights Boondocking in Parking Lots, Truck Stops, or Rest Areas
  • 1 National Park Campground
  • 1 Private Campground

Our State Map After Finishing Our Trip

Since we've already put our baby to bed for the winter, each part of the trip will be it's own individual post with photos and detail.  This way it'll help spread things out for the winter for us as well as provide content for our site for you readers.

Devil's Tower National Monument

You might be thinking it's a bit early to have winterized the Jayco, but, here in New York we can experience freezing weather any time after October.  We also did it a bit early this year as we concluded our big trip with the trailer and wanted to take care of some other projects around the house during the busy winter season. Winter is Jeff's busiest time of year (people need to fly where they need to go for the holidays so his flight schedule beefs up) and Lauren's just generally busy at work all year working 10-12 hours a day managing the office.

Our Favorite Camp Spot Of The Trip - Big Pine Campground, Custer, SD

So, in all, you can expect quite a few posts coming.  Some are already written, some have to be written, but please stick with us, because I promise they are coming!   These are what I've got planned for you all in the coming days and weeks:

  • Campground Reviews
  • 1880's Town Tourist Trap Review
  • Our Stay in the Badlands (Complete with visit to Wall Drug!)
  • Our Stay in the Black Hills (Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore, Dinosaur Park)
  • Our Stop at Devil's Tower National Monument
  • RV'ing With Dogs
  • How To Winterize Your Travel Trailer

Our Jayco in the Badlands National Park

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