Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Explaining Ourselves, Again!

Ok, so it's August.  We've been missing for another few months.  Life's busy, what can I say?  We haven't pulled the trigger on a Class C yet, although we've looked at quite a few of them.  I really think it's the direction we're headed, but, not quite yet.

So, what's next?

Well, I FINALLY (towards the end of summer) got around to posting our "De-Winterizing" How-To blog.  You can read that directly below this post or click on the "RV'ing Tips" link to the right.

I also finally have to get the "RV'ing with Dogs" blog post finished.  I think that might be the most helpful post to our readers of the few that I'm currently working on.  I've also got to get the Trip Reports for The Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore and Black Hills, Devil's Tower National Monument, and 1880's Town blog posts finished.

I've just uploaded some photos to the photos page, so you can at least view those while I get my typing fingers all warmed up.  

We've made plans for our "annual" big trip this year!  We're headed to Niagara Falls this September once the weather cools and the busy summer flying season (for Jeff) is over!  Part of the problem with us not getting the most enjoyment out of our big trip out west was the constant go-go-go in the high heat of August.  This will be a nice leisurely trip, no driving legs over 4 hours.  We plan on getting to the campgrounds early in the day so we can relax, build a campfire, and enjoy the journey.

We don't have any plans other than seeing the Falls, so it will be nice to just take things as they come.  At the end of September we should also have nice cooler weather that will make using the trailer a much more enjoyable experience compared to the 100+ degree days last summer.  You can bet I'll be taking photos and will (eventually) get around to posting a trip report about that as well!

That's what we have in store for this site.  Thank you for still reading (if anyone is out there.)  We hope you're enjoying your summer RV season like we are!

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